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Smart Contracts

DeFi Crowdfunding

  • You can decentralise your financial infrastructure and acquire funding from like-minded people with unprecedented transparency and security using our smart contract technology. Because our contracts are designed to reduce market volatility, you can rest assured that your budget is safe.
  • Your token will be published on the Ethereum blockchain, and you will be able to sell tokens based the budget you need.
  • All of our contracts are refundable and customer-friendly, with anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules at the forefront.
  • This endeavour is based on profit distribution, with your supporters being compensated and rewarded.

Independent artists and studios now have additional options to fund and display their masterpieces, if their financing was decentralised.

Hedge-FX is here to help you realise your vision on Film-Legion, our next-generation platform. We love movies and we feel that this blockchain technology should be used responsibly. As this market and its potential become more apparent, it is likely open to abuse. Hedge-FX is here to ensure absolute security and transparency in this new era.

Step 1

Submit your synopsis any footage to Hedge-FX for review. It’s absolutely free and confidential.

Step 2

Complete our security checks, including KYC and anti AML.

Step 3

Then we talk about budget and customisation of your crowdfunding smart contact.

Step 4

Then we deploy your project, and await your audience to participate.

We will guide you completely if your application is accepted.


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