Smart Contracts

DeFi Crowdfunding

You can decentralise your financial infrastructure and acquire funding from like-minded people with unprecedented transparency and security using our smart contract technology. Because our contracts are designed to reduce market volatility, you can rest assured that your budget is safe.

Your token will be published on the Ethereum blockchain, and you will be able to sell tokens based the budget you need.

All of our contracts are refundable and customer-friendly, with anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules at the forefront.

This endeavour is based on profit distribution, with your supporters being compensated and rewarded.

Since 2021

Why Hedge-FX?

Independent artists and studios now have additional options to fund and display their masterpieces, if their financing was decentralised.

Hedge-FX is here to help you realise your vision on Film-Legion, our next-generation platform. We love movies and we feel that this blockchain technology should be used responsibly. As this market and its potential become more apparent, it is likely open to abuse. Hedge-FX is here to ensure absolute security and transparency in this new era.

What is decentralised finance (DeFi)

Put simply, Decentralised finance, or DeFi, is a way of detaching your projects finances, budget, or structure, away from traditional methods. It is entirely transparent because every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, which anybody can access. If you are crowdfunding a project, only your supporters can help you raise capital. As it is blockchain technology, supporters buy tokens at a set price.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a self-executing contract in which the project agreement’s terms are written directly into code lines. The amount you want to raise, the number of funding rounds, and the terms and conditions of the project are all factors to consider. Once your contract is deployed to the blockchain, no one, including Hedge-FX, has any control over it. These contracts generate tokens named after your project on their own. These are available for purchase by anyone, and they are intended to be exchanged for a new value or a reward based on your profits. This means that you won’t need any money to get started.

What are your benefits?

Open-sourced creation. Your project has the potential to attract like minded people, in a way that has never been seen before. Using cutting-edge blockchain technology, you have the power to innovate with your project in a new market. Complete transparency can break down any barriers and allows independent artists to tell their story. With Hedge-FX, we safeguard this emerging market to protect the fans and keep this avenue of creative exploration open, for as long as possible.

What is your pricing?

Its free to apply. We have a fixed 5% commission of the total you have raised in a funding round, and we ensure this is publicly known. Complete transparency.

  • We will need some time to review your application and you will be notified about this via email. We are very thorough so time frames may vary.
  • What are the benefits?

What are the risks?

Firstly, if your funding round falls short of its goal, the smart contract is set up to reimburse your funders. We make this safer by ensuring that you raise capital in stages, sufficient to pay your team and keep production going. If the smart contract’s terms and conditions are broken, it may be frozen and funds refunded. It’s all automated. Remember, this is your project, not ours, and it’s wholly the projects responsibly for maintaining its integrity


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