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DeFi Crowdfunding

Founded in 2021 by James R Davies & Keith hunter, Hedge-FX is a Manchester born web3 development company in the United Kingdom.


  • You can decentralise your financial infrastructure and acquire funding from like-minded people with unprecedented transparency and security using using web3 and smart contract technology.
  • Our platform offers cutting-edge technologies and services that can help you fund your project and reach new audiences.
  • Your token or NFT project can be published over multiple blockchains, and you will be able to market these on Film-Legion in order to crowdfund.
  • We will also aid in the development and release of NFT’s, specific to your project. See Project Scannan on Film-Legion.
  • We are designed to be customer-friendly, with anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules at the forefront.
  • You will have open access to our growing Creators Platform, where you can be quoted for services to scale your project and build your budget.

Why Hedge-FX?

Independent artists and established studios now have additional options to fund and display their masterpieces, if their financing was decentralised. Our platforms offer space to new and existing enterprises, whom can sponsor and support up and coming new artists and projects.

Submit your synopsis any footage to Hedge-FX for review. It’s absolutely free and confidential. However, bare in mind that if your project is upvoted on Film-Legion, some of this information may already be available to the public, and we may reach out to you!
Complete our security checks, including KYC and anti AML.
Then you can build your budget and using the Creators Platform, or if you already have one, we can move to developing and deploying your smart contract.
Finally, your project is ready to launch on Film-Legion.com! We will guide you completely throughout the process, when you have the green light.
Put simply, Decentralised finance, or DeFi, is a way of detaching your projects finances, budget, or structure, away from traditional methods. It is entirely transparent because every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, which anybody can access. If you are crowdfunding a project, the token revenue from your supporters can help you raise capital. As it is blockchain technology, supporters can buy tokens at a price relative to the amount they have contributed, like for like.
A smart contract is a self-executing contract in which the project agreement's terms are written directly into code lines. The amount you want to raise, the number of funding rounds, and the terms and conditions of the project are all factors to consider. Once your contract is deployed to the blockchain, no one, including Hedge-FX, has any financial control over it. Some custom contracts may reserve powers such as refunding, or campaign freezing. The contract tokens named after your project, and can be delivered to your supporters through a range of methods. These are available for purchase by anyone, and they are intended to be exchanged for a new value or a reward based on your profits. This means that you may not need any money to get started.
Its free to apply. We have a fixed 5% commission of the total you have raised and we ensure this is publicly known. Complete transparency. Our Creators Platform is free to use for now, and we encourage its use to help build your budget and seek out the services you need.
We will need some time to review your application and you will be notified about this via email. We are very thorough so time frames may vary.
With any venture, there are risks. As part of the submission process for your project, we will ensure that you have the option to include a reimbursement plan for your funders in the event that your funding round falls short of its goal. This will provide an additional layer of security for your funders and demonstrate your commitment to transparency and accountability. We understand that raising capital can be a challenging task, and we want to help ensure the success of your project while also protecting the investments of your funders. Our smart contract and initial agreement are designed to provide a safety net for your funders, but the option to reimburse them shows that you take their investment seriously and are committed to delivering on your promises. We take the security of your project seriously and have put measures in place to ensure that you raise capital in stages, sufficient to pay your team and keep production going. We also offer the option for you to reimburse your funders, should you wish to do so. Please note that embursements may be subject to market volatility, and we cannot guarantee that funders will receive the same amount they invested. However, we strive to provide transparency and honesty throughout the process. We want you to feel confident and trust us with your project, which is why we emphasize that this is your project, not ours, and it is entirely your responsibility to maintain its integrity. Our role is to support you throughout the fundraising process and help you achieve your goals.
Open-sourced creation. Your project has the potential to attract like minded people, in a way that has never been seen before. Using cutting-edge blockchain technology, you have the power to innovate with your project in a new market. Complete transparency can break down any barriers and allows independent artists to tell their story. With Hedge-FX, we safeguard this emerging market to protect the fans and keep this avenue of creative exploration open, for as long as possible.